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Local Products

All products are grown fresh every week, and harvested within one day of sale!


Microgreen Samplers

Classic Sampler  - 12oz

Sunflower Shoots, Pea Shoots, Micro Radish, & Micro Mix

Crunchy Samplers
(Each box is filled with sunflower shoots and pea shoots topped with a specialty microgreen)

Hot & Crunchy Sampler

Sweet & Crunchy Sampler

Green & Crunchy Sampler

Tangy & Crunchy Sampler

Mild & Crunchy Sampler

Healthy & Crunchy Sampler

Wasabi & Crunchy Sampler

Oniony & Crunchy Sampler

Melon & Crunchy Sampler

Nutty & Crunchy Sampler

Cucumber & Crunchy Sampler

Salty & Crunchy Sampler

Colorful & Crunchy Sampler

Peppery & Crunchy Sampler

Gourmet & Crunchy Sampler

Violet & Crunchy Sampler

Simple & Crunchy Sampler

Topped with Radish

Topped with Popcorn

Topped with Fava Bean

Topped with Buckwheat

Topped with Broccoli

Topped with Kale

Topped with Mustard

Topped with Leeks

Topped with Cantaloupe

Topped with Alfalfa

Topped with Borage

Topped with Garbanzo

Topped with Micro Mix

Topped with Nasturium

Topped with Arugula

Topped with Amaranth

Topped with additional sunflowers and peas

Small and bulk container options

Sunflower Shoots
Micro Radish
Micro Purple Radish
Fava Bean Shoots
Mung Bean Shoots
Micro Broccoli
Micro Mustard
Micro Cantaloupe
Micro Borage
Micro Lentils
Micro Mix
Micro Arugula
Micro Chia
Pea Shoots
Micro Daikon Radish
Popcorn Shoots
Micro Buckwheat
Micro Fenugreek
Micro Kale
Micro Leeks
Micro Alfalfa
Garbanzo Shoots
Micro Peppercress
Nasturtium Shoots
Micro Amaranth
Micro Sorrel


Live /Pet Grass - 5"x5" pot
Wheatgrass for Juicing - 10oz

Weekly Delivery!

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